The Shambhala Organisation

Promoting and Supporting Proudly LGBT Business Leaders


Shambhala Private Equity invests in high performance entrepreneurial businesses.

To enable entrepreneurial business growth, we offer private equity investments into the LGBT owned and managed high potential businesses including funding to grow or acquire and existing business. The investment is combined with mentorship and support to help the business achieve its objectives.

What are our investment guidelines?

We invest in LGBT owned and managed businesses. Our objective is to promote and support proudly LGBT business leaders. This means backing LGBT entrepreneurs (promoters) who want to build great businesses. (This doesn't mean that all the promoters need to be LGBT.)

We use our capital and support mechanisms to unlock the value in the businesses. Private equity investments are risky in nature and we are seeking corresponding returns on investments. 

We can't invest in every business, so we prefer to target more entrepreneurial businesses. While our investment criteria are flexible, we would probably shy away from businesses where the risks (e.g. start-ups) are too high or the growth potential limited (e.g. retail).

How do we apply?

Complete the investment proposal summary form for us to consider your investment proposal before continuing to the detailed application. With this information, we will be able to advise whether or not your proposal fits our investment criteria. We may also be able to guide you on how to structure your investment proposal to suit our investment methodology.

Once you have been asked to put in a detailed application, you would need to complete a detailed business plan. We recommend using our business plan template which you can find here