The Shambhala Organisation

Promoting and Supporting Proudly LGBT Business Leaders


Shambhala Performance provides coaching and mentorship to improve human performance.

To improve human performance, we need to identify the causes of under-performance in any organisation and/or individual, and assist them to reach their potential by addressing those factors.

There are three main components to the Shambhala Performance value proposition:

  1. Business Success Program - Empowering business owners through coaching and mentoring to enable them to become the agents of their own change. Skills transfer on the process of implementing profit transformation tools for maximum value. Ensuring sustainability of profit growth through creating a business that is systems dependent and not owner dependent.
  2. Career and Life Coaching - We focus on the end results, and add value to you by systematically identifying the opportunities and needs, designing and implementing solutions that are well researched and contribute to your career and leadership performance.
  3. Capacity Building and Transformation Change - We overcome stagnant and declining business performance by analyzing and addressing specific needs across the strategic, process and support levels of the business. We design and implement a range of business management systems according to the specific needs of each business.