The Shambhala Organisation

Promoting and Supporting Proudly LGBT Business Leaders


There are many challenges facing the gay community. Legally the gay community in South Africa enjoys a lot of protection from the constitution and other legislation. Under the surface, however, there is a lot of tension, discrimination and hate. We can't rely on others to fix this for us. We have a lot of work to do to fix it ourselves. #DoSomething

There is a lack of proudly gay role models. So many young gay professionals remain silent about their sexuality for fear of what it will do to their career. Many of the other challenges faced are not unique to the gay community - a lack of leadership, employment and entrepreneurship. Everyone wants a better life, but few do anything about it.

The Shambhala Organisation was established by Dale Pudney, who has the vision to see proudly gay leaders take their rightful places in the business world. The objective of the organisation is to improve the image of the gay community as a whole, by profiling gay role models, developing gay leaders and showcasing mainstream gay life, so that people can be proud to be gay.

This is done through Scholarships, Private Equity Investments and Improving Leadership & Human Performance.